Pool Party

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Once there was a rich dude who owned a huge mansion, lots of cars, was an alcoholic, and smoked crack. He even had a huge pool which he filled with hundreds of alligators.

One day he was having a pool party and everyone got drunk and high. After a while the rich guy stood up on a table and made a speech. He said, "Anyone who swims across my pool will get my house. No one jumped in. Then he said, "Anyone who swims across my pool gets my house and my cars. No one jumped. "Anyone who swims across my pool gets my house, my cars, alcohol, and my cars." No one jumped in. "Anyone who swims across my pool gets my house, my cars, my alcohol, and my crack. He heard a splash and looked up.

He saw a guy jump into the pool. Alligators were on him in a second, but this guy did tarzan moves, wrestled alligators, etc. Finally, he climbed out on the other side. The rich dude walked around and said, "That was amazing. I never thought anyone would do that! When do you want my house?" The guy said "I don't want your house." "When do you want my cars?" "I don't want your cars." " When do you want my alcohol? "I don't want your alcohol." When do you want my crack?" "I don't want you crack." "Well, what do you want?" "I want the freaking bastard who pushed me in!"


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by elly j. 1+ years ago

ha lol.

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C16O_Pool Party

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