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Bathroom rhymes and graffiti (Part 7)

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-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 135 =--------------------------------------

Scribbling graffiti on the toilets Was never difficult a bit: Among the shit, you all are poets; Among the poets, you all are shit.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 136 =--------------------------------------

Here's one I saw at the showers at an army base: (sounds much better in hebrew)

If your wife is not at hand, let your hand be your wife.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 137 =--------------------------------------

While your sitting on the toilet you see written on the stall door:

Congratulations! You've one one free game of Toilet Tennis! Look Left.

You look left and it reads:

Look Right

You look right and it reads:

Look Left...

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 138 =--------------------------------------

As I sit in perfect bliss And listen to the sound of pouring piss Now and again, a fart is heard During the splash of falling turd If the smell of shit can produce such wit I wonder what would be the taste of it Come come my friends Don't be doubtful Try a handful Try a mouthful

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 139 =--------------------------------------

Toilet Paper supplied by John Wayne Toilet Inc. Our Motto: We're ruff and tuff, n' we don't take shit from nobody

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 140 =--------------------------------------

What is it about taking a shit that brings out the philosopher in people?

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 141 =--------------------------------------

In bathroom at Sci/Eng library at Boston U:

How does a mathematician take a shit? He works it out with pencil and paper.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 142 =--------------------------------------

Scrawled in big black letters on a toilet stall wall:

Everyone writes on the walls but me.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 143 =--------------------------------------

Little orange sticker seen above toilet at Arizona State University in one of the bathrooms in the Engineering dept:

One free goldfish with purchase of this bowl

(Evidently somebody removed it from a fishbowl)

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 144 =--------------------------------------

Found this written on a toilet bowl:

For Best Taste Drink By Date Shown on Bottom of Can | | \ /

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 145 =--------------------------------------

Eat shit. 20 billion flies can't be wrong.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 146 =--------------------------------------

Damn ye who leaveth a log amongst these stalls!

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 147 =--------------------------------------

I have what every woman wants!

(and written underneath...)

You must be in the fur coat business.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 148 =--------------------------------------

Got this from Texas A&M:

My mother made me gay

(and under that)

If I gave her the yarn, could she make me one to?

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 149 =--------------------------------------

From University of Arizona

Single white male seeks one dozen doughnuts, assorted flavors.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 150 =--------------------------------------

I am 12 inches long and 4 inches around.

(and written underneath...)

Great! Now how big is your penis?

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 151 =--------------------------------------

On a urinal: Stop me before I piss again.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 152 =--------------------------------------

On the air hand dryers, people usually scratch out the letters on the instructions to make new directions:

Push Button is scratch out to be... Pus Butt

Rub hands under warm air is scratch out to be... Rub hands under arm

Stops Automatically is scratch out to be... Stop Auto at ally

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 153 =--------------------------------------

One would think from all this wit That Shakespeare himself came here to shit!

and the (expected) retort,

And that my friend may well be true For the bard, he had to do it too.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 154 =--------------------------------------

Found in a stall in college, a physics building no less:

x^n + y^n = z^n for n>2, has no integer solutions. I have a truly wondrous proof of the above statement, but unfortunately I'm late for class.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 155 =--------------------------------------

The best graffiti I ever saw was when I worked for the government and one of the bathrooms, right above the toilet paper roll had these words:

You are the only person in this building who knows what he's doing...

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 156 =--------------------------------------

I was here But now I'm gone I left my smell To linger on

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 157 =--------------------------------------

Everybody pisses on the floor. Be a hero and shit on the ceiling.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 158 =--------------------------------------

From Duke University, Psychology bldg, about 1972:

Anal-retentative sadomasochism is the opiate of the masses

so, I changed it to Anal-retentative sadomasochism is:

1) the opiate of the masses.

and added:

2) The foundation of U.S. foreign policy 1945-73.

others added:

3) The pause that refreshes. 4) The basic building block of friendship. 5) ???

There were about 20 answers to this multiple-choice question before I left Duke.

-= bathroom rhymes and graffiti =-= 159 =--------------------------------------

Above a urinal I read:

The guy that picks the butts out of here is the guy cooking your meal.


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C15HH_Bathroom rhymes and graffiti (Part 7)

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