Big Farts

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A woman went to dinner with her boyfriend at his parents house for the first time and was eager to make a good impression. The boyfriends mother however had cooked a rich mexican meal full of onions and beans. Shortly into the dinner the woman felt a fart coming on but try as she might she could not keep it in and she let out a small passing of wind.

Everyone at the table went silent but before she could say anything the boyfriends father looked at the family dog which was lying under the table and yelled, "Ginger." The woman was greatly relieved and continued her meal. Soon she felt another fart coming on and with only a small hesitation let out a moderately loud passing of wind.

Once again the father looked at the dog and yelled, "Ginger goddamit!" The meal resumed and everything was going great until near the end of the evening when the woman felt another fart coming on.

Without a thought she let go a long, loud and smelly fart that had everyone in the room reaching for napkins to cover their noses. This time the father looked at the dog and yelled, "Ginger godammit, get away from the stinky bitch before she shits on you!"


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