Vanishing Act

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Three men are about to go into heaven, a robber, a pickpocket, and a gay man. God says to them, "To enter heaven you must overcome your greatest temptations..."

God turned to the robber and said, "go back down to earth and don't steal anything for an entire day." The robber agreed.

God turned to the pickpocket and said, "go back down to earth and don't pickpocket anything for an entire day." The pickpocket agreed.

God finnally said to the gay man, "go back down to earth and restrain from having sex with any man for an entire day." The gay man agreed.

All three were back on earth, where they found themselves in a mall.

Then the robber saw a brand new stereo system in the window of a electronics store. He couldn't stand it and just as he grabbed the handle of the stereo, WHOOOOSH...he vanished into thin air and was sent to hell.

Then the pickpocket saw a woman drop her bag, and just as he was bending down to swipe some money, WHOOOOOSH, the gay man vanished.


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