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Blueberry Hill

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One day, a teacher was just teaching her class the things she does every day.

5 minutes into the class, a boy walks in with his hair slightly messed up. The teacher asked, "Where were you?"

The boy responds,"On top of Cherry Hill."

"Ok, well...take a seat," the teacher says back to him.

5 more minutes into the lesson, another boy walkes into the class with his jeans' button undone. The teacher asked, "Where were you?"

The boy responds, "On top of Cherry Hill."

The teacher says back to him, "Take a seat, then."

Of course, 5 more minutes later even anther boy walkes into class with his shirt on backward. The teacher asks, "Where were you?"

This boy responds, "On top of Cherry Hill."

"OK, take a seat then," the teacher says another time."

5 more minutes later a girl walks into the class with her hair perfectly done and her clothes on the way they are supposed to be.

The teacher says to her, "Let me guess, you were on top of Cherry Hill too, right?"

The girls replies, "No, I AM Cherry Hill."


How funny is this joke, video, picture?

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smiley 6.5 R

submitted: 1+ years ago

viewed: 14,952 times

categories: sex, sexuality





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by Alessa Y. 1+ years ago

Hint > Next time you wanna cut & paste, I'd suggest you CHANGE the title as well? I don't see ANY similarity with Cherry & Blueberry besides them being berries.

Reply to Alessa Y.'s comment
C11J_Blueberry Hill

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