Happy Butt

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Once there was a little girl. It was here first day of school and a little boy came up to her. "What's your name?" He asked. "Happy butt." She said. "Tell me your name or I'll tell the teacher." "Happy butt."

The teacher came up to the little girl and asked her, "What's your name?" "Happy butt." "Tell me your name or I'll send you to the principal." "Happy butt."

The teacher sends her down to the pricipals office. He askes her, "What's your name." "Happy butt." "Tell me your name or I'll call your mom." "Happy butt."

The principal gets of the phone with her mom. "You lied, your name isn't happy butt. It's Gladys." "Glad ass, happy butt, whats the difference."


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by Emily H. 1+ years ago

i heard one kind of like this, but the kids name is butt itches and when they call the mom she says "oh my poor butt itches!" follwed by the response "well ma'am, why dont you scratch it?" i like this one better i think :)

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C11IE_Happy Butt

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