Irishman's Wishes

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An Irishman was walking home from a pub to his house when he stumbled across a leprechaun. He caught the Wee little person in his stare (you don't actually have to grab them just corner them). So the Wee little man said he'd grant the man, who went by the name O'Reily, three wishes, but there was a catch: whatever O'reily got another man by the name of Campbell got two-fold. O'Reily accepted and thought long and hard about his first wish and decided he wanted a green eyed, red haired nymphomaniac. Poof he got one and Campbell got two. He thought again about his second wish and decided he wanted a house full of antiquities and beautiful women. Poof he got one and Campbell got two. By now O'reily was getiing pretty angry because when they were little Campbell used to clobber O'reily every chance he got, so there was no good feelings between them. So O'reily thought long and hard about his third wish. Then it hits him. He looks down at the little leprechaun man and says "Sir, I would like you to remove one of my testicles."


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