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mikayla j.

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About me: hey, i love funny stuff so i luv dis placee!!!!! myfave band is problyy nevershoutnever at da timee but iiddeeekkk..........i luv rock and roll, and i love my bf we r prfect 2gether.....2 bad he moved but we stilll keep in touch and we r still goin out cuzz we luv each otherr 2 muchh!!!! <3 shyaa found dis place a wile ago and i was lyk yeeee!!!! i luv pon and zi soo cutee XD luv da songg "your biggest fan" and "did it hurt" and "trouble" all by nevershoutnever,, && luv RJA (red jumpsuit apparatus) cat and mouse, your guardian angel (1 of me and my bf's songs) and many more, but i hate 2 keep ya waitin sooo peace!!!!

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